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October 4th, 2007, 17:21
Originally Posted by Luma View Post
I believe you are missing the point entirely.

Having back ups of the download is all fine and well but what if the only edition requires activation and the company is no longer around? Your 3 backups are now useless as you can't activate it upon installation. Boxed media normally does not require this activation.

Also those who can't get broadband (still many millions of houses that can not get any type of broadband)

I would much rather get a boxed copy.
I'm not missing the point. I just don't see it how you do. I have many many many boxed retail games that require online activation, so your point is null and void.

Without the activation point, my system is far superior. Most people are under the impression that having a CD means they have a backup. Sorry, but if it's the original CD and not a duplicate, it's *not* a backup. Sure it's not going to get deleted, but it can still burn and be stolen.

It all comes down to personal taste whether you want boxed or digital distribution. But once the infrastructure is there, the convenience, maintainability and security of digital distribution is going to make the physical media disappear completely. Physical media is a dieing breed, and people will need to either accept it eventually, or just grumble about how all the young whipersnappers ruined everything by going digital distribution only.




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