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October 4th, 2007, 20:56
if played across all gaming genres and bioshock was the first game i had to activate online. if of course you are referring to multiplayer games then that is about as ridiculous as saying you have a car with wheels.

also saying physical media while die shows the pea size wisdom that is synnomous with youth. even though people are reading less books than ever before its not because the physical book has been replaced, but rather that society is geared more toward instant gratification. a lack of an object losses the one crucial step that connects the consumer to the objects creator. for cds, or records for that matter, holding the insert with lyrics, graphics, and often a story on the first listen (OF THE ENTIRE ALBUM) can never be matched by anything that can be downloaded. sure you can have cool flash stuff, etc. but that is surely less available to the smaller bands and still wouldn't have the magic of sitting in a chair, lying on your bed. even if physical media becomes less important to the average joebob, that will just make it all the more special.
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