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October 5th, 2007, 08:05
Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
Any Nightwish fans better get this one immediately!
I'm skeptical tiger, been listening to samples. Hesitant to pay full price on this new one. You can change a lot of things, but the singer is the most dramatic of all changes! It does sound nicely heavy at times, the male vocals are tearing it up too, like on track #5 they almost sound like Therion or something. This would not be bad. I'll have to think about it some more, maybe I can hear some more full tunes on YouTube or something.

Been spinning Mercyful Fate's "Dont Break the Oath" this evening. I like King Diamond's early stuff, hell I like all his stuff really. It's pretty loaded with the satan-schtick in the early days, but it's also pretty scary in a way because of his shrieking. "Desecration of Souls" is unbelievable! My god he sounds possessed at times, and like he has multiple personality disorder or something as well. Either you love him or hate him there's no middle of the road with Kings unique style, Ive known people who cant stand it. It's a strange mix of classic metal and black metal, I cant help but like the old school solos and stuff. This is true metal, there's no denying his influence on metal to come. Ive kinda always liked King's stuff because he often goes into these weird stories and such, and on his solo stuff, full concept albums. Though the lyrics are questionable at times, I tend to give him a pass because the overall package rocks. I have a feeling i'll be doing a lot of King Diamond's stuff in the weeks to come.

Next up - "In the Shadows", a departure from the satan thing, and more into tradition ghost story territory with songs such as the Bell Witch and the Headless Horseman, even tho there is a brief dip back into the old days with "is that you, Melissa?", the sequel to Melissa, the song of his grief and longing after his girl is chose for the sacrifice. Or does she volunteer herself? The return to the speedier take on the main riff in the end of this song is awesome.
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