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October 5th, 2007, 11:07
Originally Posted by curiously undead View Post
…also saying physical media while die shows the pea size wisdom that is synnomous with youth.
Originally Posted by narpet View Post
Gamers… especially console gamers… are still very ingrained in and fond of "the purchase". By that I mean that it is part of the gaming pleasure to go to the local EB Games and pick up your pre-ordered copy of Halo 37.


I personally don't believe it will happen in my lifetime, assuming that I will live to be a ripe old age (I'm 40 now).

Just my thoughts.
I think you both underestimate both the changing market and Gen Y consumers. Of course some forms of physical media will never "die" depending on your definition, but physical digital media will be relegated to obscure niche markets in due course. Will it take 10+ years? Probably. But it will happen.

You won't buy anything you can't hold in your hand? Gen Y doesn't care. They're buying $5 ring tones and DRM limited music for their mobile phones faster than the servers can get the stuff up. I'll bet a lot of people here have cable and, of course, everyone has internet access. Don't laugh it off as different - again, Gen Y doesn't make that distinction.

Console gamers are ingrained to buy the media? Honestly, that's fast getting old as they rush to buy screenshots and wallpapers on Xbox Live.

Have you ever noticed that consoles are proprietary platforms? Do you think Microsoft might have considered that Xbox Live can eventually replace every retailer, keeping the entire margin for themselves? If they just wanted connectivity, they would have just provided internet access.

Not all these things are good, by the way, but that's where the market is heading.
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