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October 5th, 2007, 13:13
Originally Posted by Chekote View Post
Without the activation point, my system is far superior. Most people are under the impression that having a CD means they have a backup. Sorry, but if it's the original CD and not a duplicate, it's *not* a backup. Sure it's not going to get deleted, but it can still burn and be stolen.
This point is correct. The game CD is the original. You need to make a backup if you want one, for example an ISO image on your HDD. Itīs not always possible though.

It all comes down to personal taste whether you want boxed or digital distribution. But once the infrastructure is there, the convenience, maintainability and security of digital distribution is going to make the physical media disappear completely. Physical media is a dieing breed, and people will need to either accept it eventually, or just grumble about how all the young whipersnappers ruined everything by going digital distribution only.
Your conclusion (italics) is based upon a wrong assumption (marked in big font) and thus very unlikely, or too focused on urban areas in industrialized countries.
Large parts of important gaming markets have an ETA for broadband internet of "not in the foreseeable future". As long as ca. 50% of the land area in industrialized countries is without broadband there is a significant demand for retail product. The situation is even worse in poorer countries where DSL is expensive relative to the average income.
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