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October 5th, 2007, 17:10
Nicely done, Dhruin!

Aurora Engine looks great with their work, it's too bad about the NO jumping and forced paths/trails but honestly I don't see how they could have gotten around that, so it's not totally unexpected.
Certainly glad to hear the translation better than average and still think they could reach a broader audience by including a choice of Auto Chaining for those not interested in Hack & Slash, style fighting.

It will be nice to play a new RPG IP, with real world consequences and not some bethesda hack job.

So far I think CD Projekt's biggest mistake was tying long term quest and consequences to some sort of stand against Saving and Loading.
It's a no win for them, since there is nothing that requires the use of Saving and Loading other than Personal Need, Buggy States and Poor Designs.
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