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October 6th, 2007, 02:41
20 years ago, I bought games based on the weight of the box. If there was a thick manual inside, it usually meant it was a deep and interesting game.

Today, I would never consider buying a game in a box. Direct2Drive and other similar services are good and Valve's Steam service is the current cutting edge of digital distribution.

One of the main arguments against digital downloads is the fear of not being able to get your game if you buy a new PC and the company is suddenly gone. Personally, I think I will not be re-playing games long enough for this to happen.

Wizardry 1-7, Ultima 1-7 Bards Tale 1-3 Warcraft 1-2 Diablo 1-2 etc are all classic games that I loved playing but I don't need to hang on to CDs of those games. Out of all of those games, I have a copy of Diablo II in a box in some dark corner of my closet.
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