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October 7th, 2007, 06:05
I decided to wait till I actually play it but finally got to play and I can certainly see why many say it's a shooter and I can certainly agree it's at the most very borderline.

I wasn't of the opinion that the game shouldn't be covered here. I was merely stating that folks who thought that had some amount of reasonable defense in the fact that the game is a shooter and that the focus of the site is RPG
True enough, like I mentioned at least to that point I had not seen an example of why, it wasn't an RPG.
Admittedly I avoided at least 5 reviews due to them containing spoilers, so I could have missed some reasonable explanations.

If someone where to ask me, I would have to say the weakest RPG element is you don't have a choice on how to do quest, which is why I don't consider hack & slash like diablo style games RPGs.
Everyone whom plays the game has to do the same things the only difference seems to be how you kill and there is only one guy you Don't have to kill, afaik.

Ken Levine has said, VERY clearly, that Bioshock is a shooter and not an action/RPG like System Shock 2.
I'm not saying the guy is a genius or anything, but he should know the genre of his own game.
OF course he would, but I have never heard him say that, only "they are focusing on the Shooter aspects, because at it's base it's a shooter", but obviously that doesn't mean it can't have RPG elements.

How is it so difficult to just classify Bioshock as a shooter? It doesn't make it a lesser game. It's not an RPG because the core gameplay is a FPS. You point and shoot. Stuff dies. No dialogue options
I don't recall reading or anyone here saying there were no dialog options, that's why.

Nor is it "watered down" because it was developed for PC and console. It's as watered down as Half-Life 2 was for PC.
I would disagree, it's clearly water down, many aspects many you just listed, like no inventory.

Afaik, they had so many false starts and finally had to sell out to 2K to get the game made, I am sure 2K had some effect on certain aspects, especially made for console.
I think they had to cut things like Inventory out and other RPG aspects out as they would have never had time to get them implemented and tested, so the game is extremely streamlined (watered down or what ever you want to call it).

RPGs are the hardest game to make and they needed a hit and this was the quickest way to achieve those goals.
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