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October 7th, 2007, 14:34
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
How is it so difficult to just classify Bioshock as a shooter? It doesn't make it a lesser game. It's not an RPG because the core gameplay is a FPS. You point and shoot. Stuff dies. No dialogue options. No inventory management. No mapping. No stats to determine initiative/hit/miss/crit/etc. To put it more clearly, Bioshock was designed as a shooter, as per developer's choice. It is not an RPG.

Nor is it "watered down" because it was developed for PC and console. It's as watered down as Half-Life 2 was for PC.
Have you read some comments at major game sites and amazon? Some pure FPS fans seem to be unhappy with the game-play finding the guns are not as effective as using plasmids. Talking of game-play only, as I agree with Dartagnan that the designers could have been more bold in leaving RPG elements, though. For hacking mini-game does seem to be unpopular among both RPG and FPS players. If I'd like to play mini-games, then, I buy them. I'd rather like to put points on hacking skill and save my time. Plasmids offer magical abilities and I wonder whey the designers refrained themselves from hacking ability.

The game being too easy is, I think the legitimate criticism but, seeing the plenty of bugs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Gothic III, I cannot but admit that they made a right choice by reducing the possibility for the players to be screwed (Of course, the copy protection issue is another story, though). Overall, I have an impression that the designers placed their ambition in terms of the story over that in terms of the game-play. Whether console or PC, FPS or RPG players, the majority seem to be happy with the story (except it's rather linear nature), which I find great, personally.
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