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October 8th, 2007, 04:54
It was not mentioning the balance issue but about the game-play. Plasmids are special abilities to deal with environments and the main game-play of Bioshock is focused on working with changing environments rather than shooting precisely and quickly, which put off some purist FTP fans. HL series are not a pure FTP, too. The main game play is to let the players play with physics engine rather than shooting. Valve's Portal seems to be expanding the aspect.

The simulationist tendency is not unfamiliar with RPG at all. In fact, one of Doom designers is Sandy Peterson, who is one of the founders of Chaosium, especially known as a designer of Call of Cthulhu and trolls in Glorantha setting (I was surprised by the details…he used his knowledge of zoology effectively here). Peterson worked in various genres in computer games including Quake, Age of Empires and Sid Meier's Pirates! RPG has various aspects and conventional CRPG reflects only a part of them. I think a broader sense of RPG elements can be used to expand game-play of computer games. I am still interested in rule sets and looking forward to new Basic Role-Playing from Chaosium but it's still just a part of RPG.
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