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October 8th, 2007, 06:05
There are blues you get from women when you see 'em going swimmin' and you haven't got a bathing suit yourself.

There are blues you get much quicker when you're drinking lots of liquor and somebody goes and takes it off the shelf.

There are blues you get when everything's in hock.

When your boyfriend doesn't answer when you knock.

There are blues you get from getting in the taxi cab and fretting every time you hear the bumper jump clock.

There are blues you get from trying to keep your uncle Bill from dying and he afterwards forgets you in his will.

[funeral march]

There are blues you get from kisses when you're walking with your missus and another girl shouts, "Hi, Bill!"

Well the blues'll make you wanna hop, stop, shake, shiver.

The blues'll make you wanna end it right in the river.

The blues my naughty sweetie gives to me.
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