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October 8th, 2007, 13:43
Nice review, although I don't agree on the story or that turn-based would make it better. The turn-based VS real-time is a matter of a preference; I prefer real-based-with-pause over turn-based, others do not. Simple as that.

As to the story? I find it quite solid actually. It doesn't match PS:T, but it beats most RPGs by miles and miles, especially the way it's told (through your dreams, through Elminster, through the motivation to find the killer of your foster father, etc). When we look back at the game, the story might be predictable, but noone is going to tell me that they knew why there was an iron shortage, what Sarevoks motivation was, or that the main character was the son of Bhaal. There is simply no way to know that, because it's not written anywhere or mentioned till revealed later on. The first time Bhaal is even mentioned, as far as I know, is when you return to Candlekeep and find a letter written by Gorion to the main character. This is roughly 75% through the game, and I wouldn't call a plot "predictable" if you go through 3/4 of the game blindfolded.

Leisure Suit Larry is predictable - he's going to get laid at the end of the game.

Other than that, I agree, the game certainly has its flaws. I feel BG2, overall, is a better game, even though Imoen doesn't serve as a strong motivation compared to finding Gorions killer.

I'd give BG1 a 4/5, and BG2 5/5. BG2 is pretty much the only game I'd give a score that high - I consider it the pinnacle of CRPGs; something others should try to match. Maybe PS:T as well, but I think it's more of a 4/5 to me since the combat is far from polished. I feel every aspect of BG2 is rock solid.
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