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October 8th, 2007, 15:46
I didn't really love Baldurs Gate as much when it first came out, but I liked it better when I played it fouir years later and I could appreciate it for a lot of the things that it did for the genre when it was released. Baldurs Gate was, indeed, a huge step forward for RPG's, and Baldurs Gate 2 was the all-time pinnacle (in my opinion). My biggest problem with Baldurs Gate was "the game is no longer paused on this screen" and mostly everything else that I didn't like about it had to do with engine and interface problems, like how items wouldn't auto-stack, and the crappy Infinity Engine pathfinding.

I would have much rather seen turn-based combat instead of the hybrid turn-based/real-time system that has become the staple for RPG's, but I guess I have gotten over that a long time ago.

I really miss the old pre Jade Empire Bioware.
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