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October 9th, 2007, 23:54
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
I would rather say itīs a positive surprise Atari remembered that RPGs usually can be a bit more drastic because they require brains and play in an unrealistic fantasy scenario. Often enough publishers donīt even submit the uncut version to the USK. Then you get Command & Conquer with robots who are leaking oil.

The problem is that the USK has to refuse a rating if they suspect a game is harmful for children according to the established (informal!) standards. The publisher on the other hand needs a rating because only a USK rating protects them from the BPjM. They canīt risk that the BPjM puts a game on Liste A (-> " the Index" -> still legal but no availability in places to which children have access -> commercial death) or even worse on Liste B (-> court -> confiscation; possession still legal for private use; selling is a crime) because they would lose almost all of their German revenues.

Imports are of course possible. Sending an unrated or "18" game via mail is illegal though if you canīt be 100% sure that the recipient is an adult. So thereīs a chance customs will confiscate it if they find it.
Damn, it's hard to be a publisher nowadays.
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