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October 10th, 2007, 03:15
I have become a case in point.

Got a new PC today. Plugged it all in and got ready to stretch its legs with some NWN2, Bioshock, HL2 and Company of Heroes. Get myself all excited and then…my ADSL modem is not compatible with Windows Vista.
Ergo I can't get to Steam on the new computer, can't "activate" Bioshock and CoH and, slightly off-topic but still annoying, can't patch NWN2 up. Have to switch out all the cables from the new PC to the old to change my broadband contract, in order to get new modem. 17th of October is the earliest they can deliver. Argh.

And I bet Vista won't run BG2, Fallout and the like. So I'll be spending more time on my bloody old PC than the brand spanking new one. Stupid Vista. Stupid online activation. Stupid world.
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