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November 3rd, 2006, 15:53
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Holy crap Dungeon Lords? That's a pretty serious allegation Mike! What's so critically wrong with it?
I look at it this way - an action game is like a triangle: there is the story, the level design and the combat system. You need two of these done right to make something that works well. A game like Blade of Darkness did a reasonable job with all three. Dark Messiah has an awful story with shallow characters that you will learn to hate as you roll your eyes at their predictable actions. Not full of stilted 'Dungeon Lords'-speak, but just as bad. The levels look gorgeous, but when you actually think about it they are almost universally awful. Each one is pretty much a demo area for the combat system - in particular the kick combat exploit. And there's the combat system - it is well balanced, with a really well done skill system … except for the kick system. 75% of the game can be dominated by kicking opponents out of the terrible levels.

It can be fun … it is just not very good. And you can fix the AI to an extent, you can deal with the bugs and performance issues. But you can't stop the levels from being absolutely awful and unbelievable in their context.
-- Mike
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