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November 3rd, 2006, 16:17
I hated Ryzom. Played it for like a month, and was bored stiff by fighting different flavors of like 3 different types of monster archetypes. You have the "Puny Wolf-Thing" then the "Snarling Wolf-Thing", then you get to move on to the "Semi-Perterbed Wolf-Thing", then on to the "Angry Wolf-Thing", then to the "Totally Pissed-Off Wolf-Thing". Then once you master them, you get to move on to the "Puny Crab-Monster Thing", working your way up to the "Snarling Crab…..

Just a startling lack of variety coupled with a totally byzantine system of crafting your own stuff, down to what stamina, str, and whatever other points but done just freakin weird to where i was printing out faqs left and right. Plus, no good stuff was available from the vendors, so you were pretty much forced into buying things from players or making your own. Really good for those who are broke and dont have connections. Atrocious lag, and areas bordered with uber-powerful monsters kept me confined pretty much to one area, albeit big, but one area. Fighting the now "Frothing Wolf-Thing" over and over…

Ive said it before and I'll say it again- Ryzom was the only game that I've ever played where the starter island/area was more fun than moving on to other areas of the game. Variety of creatures, weapons, missions, etc. that ended as soon as I crossed the proverbial mississippi. I had started like 3 different characters, then realized there was something terribly wrong with this situation that wasnt going to remedy itself anytime soon.
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