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October 12th, 2007, 20:30
I've played it, it's interesting enough. It definitely won't be a(nother) huge, epic RPG, but should turn out to be good for some lighthearted fun. Combat is interesting: you've got two ways to dodge (rolling and sidestepping in all four directions), and you cast spells by a key combination (ie. Left Up LMB) - alternatively, you can map 'em to F1-4. You've got a melee attack (staff swing, LMB) and a ranged one (magic from stuff, RMB), and a full set of spells for each mouse button, plus some summoning spells that I haven't tried out.

I've even encountered a puzzle of a sort, but I didn't manage to solve it before I was killed (yes, you can die. Yay!). At this point, the only thing I really dislike is the Harry Potter-esque feel (also reminds me of Technomage a bit) - you are playing a young wizard who is going to wizard school…

The demo is, IMO, worth trying out.
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