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October 15th, 2007, 10:34
Hi all

I just purchased Gothic III for $20 a few days ago. My problem is that i keep getting black areas on buildings, and very low details on other buildings. Like on the starting fight, the main building in front had really low details even though the graphics were set to full, and the pike fences had weird graphics on them. On buildings some doors are not even visible because of this, but i still can go through (even though it's real hard to locate them).

I tried running the game at it's very low settings, and yet i still got the same graphic glitch. Lowered and raised resolution to the highest (16XX X XXX something) and I still got it.

I patched the game with the 1.12 official, and the 1.4 community patch (along with the g3 file) before i even played the game. Some times when i messed around with the graphics in game, the black undetailed areas and low detailed graphics dissapeared and got fixed. Every time i try to do the same thing when i want to play on a different day, the game takes forever to close the option window and freezes.

Im currently using Windows Vista 32 bit, Geforce 8800GTS, 2 Gigs of RAM, Sound Blaster Fatal1ty Xtremegamer.

All my drives are up to date and patched up.

If anyone has any solutions to this glitch, please help.
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