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October 15th, 2007, 14:40
I must say that they don't really understand Scott's comments here

They released some very nice screenshots, I think, in the Games for Windows
article. The reaction was not a backlash one, as I saw it. It was more of 'ooh, that's looks interesting, tell me more about this thingie here' and of 'hey, these dragons don't look like D&D dragons, why don't they do that?' and 'hey, nice orc,
down nice orc' or like 'wow, that's look amazing, especially the mage's town and the dwarven towns - please tell us more?'

And then - nada - silch - nothing.

I mean if devs. can't understand that fans want to talk about the game, and maybe critize the game constructively, then maybe they shouldn't be devs. at all? Just saying. Anyway, hopefully, when Mass Effect is out, Dragon Age will be hyped as much as Mass Effect were
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