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October 15th, 2007, 21:07
I think the Lead Writer David Gaider once stated that once the main character died (you) the game ends. And it's reload time. I can't rember exactly all the stuff&things Gaider has said about how the death thing is going to work.

The only thing I seem to remember is that you and your party can get injuries, and there will be no healing potions in in other fantasy rpgs. There, will, however, probably be bandages and stuff like this. You will likely also have to travel to your base, sometimes many hours away maybe, from the fight, and there and only there can you get your wounds & cut mended by a physician or something similar to a healer/cleric in the D&D universe.

Death is also permanent in this game, I think, David Gaider, once said on the forums. There are no resurrection spells, healing potions and such things, you can use as the main character or that your party can use. However, there might be temples and such thing where you, for a price, high of course, can get healing or maybe even a teammember resurrected. But all of these features could be cut since Gaider told us this.

The reason for all this is that magic in Dragon Age is low magic. Ordinary people are not trained to use magic probably, so they don't use it. Only high level mages (or mages in general) are able to use magic. Think of the wizards in Buffy - the Vampire Slayer and Angel. They use magic, but there are also a certain % of failure involved. They draw the magic from their inner strength and from the surroundings, not from spells and such things. It will be the same magic that's in Dragon Age - if David Gaider has his way…
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