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October 17th, 2007, 22:40
Originally Posted by Stanza View Post
I believe that was the article that contained the pre-viz work they were doing on the NWN1 engine, with the half-orc and mage girl pics, alongside the pre-rendered shots of armies fighting -- which raised complaints about how their next-gen game looked so horrible. I think the first early shots of Witcher were out about the same time, and everyone was drooling over how nice that game looked while running on the same engine.
Apparently what people seem to be forgetting is that The Witcher and Dragon Age are two different games. The screenshots for Dragon Age could also well be about 2-4 years old by now while The Witcher's screenshot were of game closing in its release date.

I do think that the Game Informer article posted a screenshot of what some people saw as a blue orc and very thinly looking dragon, at least if you looked at it in the traditional D&D way of thinking.

I don't think of what the Bioware dev mentions as a backlash, more a result of people really wanting information of this game.

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