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October 18th, 2007, 11:28
It should be mentioned, however, that Rockstar didn't create the franchise that made them world famous. Instead they bought a small company that was making the GTA3 game, absorbed them into their own company and reaped the success.

In parallel to the recent EA acquirement of BioWare one can all too easily imagine a similar interview a few years down the road where someone else is praising EA for their wonderful Mass Effect games.

Vivendi was at one time very close to getting rid of their entire gaming division including Blizzard but before they could go through with it, the lads at Blizzard started doing their magic and like the King of Spain's fury at Cortez's treason, they changed their mind once their coffers were filled with gold.

I can't help but feel Josh Resnick's view on Blizzard and Rockstar as being prime examples of companies existing successfully within large corporations as a bit naive, but time will tell. Since Mass Effect is already scheduled to be a trilogy with plenty of downloadable content in between releases, I don't think even EA can milk that idea anymore until the trilogy is finished … except perhaps making it so that it DOESN'T finish. DICE is stuck doing BattleField games just like Bungie was stuck doing Halo games and with EA's reputation of endless releases of the same game over and over again I wouldn't be surprised to see Mass Effect turning into a quintet or septet or …
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