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October 20th, 2007, 22:54
Yep, it's pure action rpg, zakhal. A lot of people feel the same way you do, so they should know if they don't enjoy those games, they'll most likely want to avoid this one. In fact, I'm surprised I don't need to get my mouse replaced after all the left-clicking.

But that said, it's not bad at what it does; I do think it's better than Loki personally, though definitely not up there with my beloved Titan Quest.

@Dez--yes, the story isn't really much of a factor in the game, even though it does have a few interesting moments. I don't think the translators did this one any favors. It's the skill system though that baffles me--why spend all that time making a beautiful world and then limit it to just a generic one-playthrough game?

Appreciate all the positive feedback from everyone. Thanks again.
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