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October 21st, 2007, 10:05
To me the adult contents of the Witcher seem fairly inconsequential. If I get the game it'll be whatever version the Swedish online retailers have in stock. From experience I know that I tend to become blind to graphical details of that sort pretty soon.

What amuses me is the inherent double standard in where the line between adult and ok is drawn, particularly when it comes to the fantasy genre. The genre is oozing with scantily clad woman and sexism to such an extent that getting hanged up on nipples seems rather absurd. I would for instance not think that the representation of the drow queen in the hordes of the underdark was made any more children friendly just because she covered her nipples, but that game wasnt barred from Walmart? Anyway the main reason for me to want less nudity in RPGs is that I like to look at realistic (or at least plausible) sets of armour and clothing, not that nipples or naked skin scare me
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