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October 21st, 2007, 12:11
Mhm..I don't have such problem - it will be uncut an exposed in the centre of our equivalent of Wall-marts beside of Mature rating (and I'm not talking only about the Witcher).

I think the point is that somebody else decide for you what you can watch. You have M rating on cover, you can read previews and rewievs, read what users say about the game, so you can decide if you wanna play it, I think you are able to create your own opinion is it in bad taste or accurate ect. So you're mature enough to pay taxes, to go to prison, to vote but not to decide on your own what you will be playing? There are people who knows better? I don't like when somebody tries to think for me.

And I'm more annoyed by things like that:
(the title of article is: How to make fool from player?)
than this:
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