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October 21st, 2007, 13:29
@Lucky Day -- In NWN2, I have:

* Consorted with devils.
* Committed arson.
* Burned some bratty teenagers to death ("they attacked me first").
* Mercilessly slaughtered and robbed a bunch of people who never did me any harm (lizardmen, cave, east of a certain inn).
* Practiced necromancy (I'm pretty sure I cast an Animate Dead somewhere in there).

And, of course, my alignment was Good and I got the Good ending.

And yet you hold NWN2 as an example of good, clean family fun, but you've got your knickers in a twist because, apparently, one version of The Witcher features (non-depicted) sex between consenting adults and the occasional exposed nipple?

Forgive me if I have a certain amount of difficulty in understanding your priorities.
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