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October 25th, 2007, 05:25
I did a quick test of this. For some reason, my cherished legacy gaming rig -- the same one I originally played Arx on -- now exhibits the invisible font problem with 1.17. I've never seen that before. The 1.18 patch does not fix that. I may try a couple different drivers I know work with that card tomorrow, when I'm awake. This is the same Nvidia 4200 Ti I used with Arx way back when, so I'm surprised to see this problem now -- I've avoided updating the drivers precisely because of the age of the system.

However, the 1.18 patch does fix the missing texture problem I was seeing on my new Core 2 Duo + Nvidia 7900GS. But some of the start-up images may be missing -- when I start the app, it sits at a black screen for several seconds with a heart-beat sound effect before it finally shows some of the familiar load screen. So after a quick test drive, it looks like it's running fine on that system.

One observation with the patch: It loses track of where the game folder is, and you get an error message about not being able to locate the data files if you click on an existing shortcut. I fixed this by editing the shortcut's "Start In" folder to be path to the Arx folder ("F:\Arx" on my system).
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