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October 28th, 2007, 23:59
yeah, Descent is destined to be a classic imo. Glad you enjoyed it!

I watched Dawn of the Dead remake w/ some friends last night, that was pretty fun. While shirking the old-school shamblers for the new age "track star zombies" ruffles some feathers, overall I'd wager that nobody who watches the film can deny that it's not an entirely bad change. It's a well done film, with everything from new zombie lore (running undead, the "twitcher" epileptic zombii) to great effects, to cool anti-zombie weaponry, it's just a fun movie all around to watch with friends. And I'll stick to my guns when declaring the credit sequence both before and after are the best.credits.ever. PERIOD!

I also started Silent Hill last night and got about halfway thru, but was sleepy tiger and have to finish it up later today. I liked what I saw so far tho, while not really scary it was definitely a cool movie. I like ghost town stuff, I'm really big on abandoned structures and such, and I was in heaven with the central locale of the film. With a weird subterannean thing going on below, and an alternate-reality that turns the town into some kind of industrial hell, man this is something that has me sitting up and taking notice. Until I fell asleep of course, that zombie walk wore me out!

Halloween in general always wears me out, it's all starting to catch up w/ me now.
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