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October 31st, 2007, 11:30
Originally Posted by Sorcha Ravenlock View Post
Oh, I fully agree. The smiley was more to indicate that the rumors seem to be true now anyway. I suppose it was meant sarcastically.
Oh I see, sorry then, must be a language barrier.

Totally agree, the magic in KotOR was that you were one of the few remaining Jedi with a very distinct presence in the world. Now imagine 1 million of would-be Revans (no-one would want to play as anything else) running around, ridiculous.

For those of you that doubt that the game will be MMO, sadly this seems to be 99% the case. Apart from what Sorcha said, there have been various rumors in the net originating from the Bioware employees themselves. And then there is the simple fact of their site launching so early, this could never be the case for a single player game.
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