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October 31st, 2007, 19:41
My Monkey Island comment was sarcasm

As for it not saying MMO anywhere, the press release does say "interactive entertainment product" and then bandies about terms like innovation and whatnot. It all just sounds like MMO-styled marketing speak for some reason. And as pointed out, BioWare haven't done an MMO yet, and if they're wanting to forge ahead and be all innovative and next-gen and whatnot, they're going to go MMO.

But, I wouldn't at all mind a new Star Wars MMO. Galaxies has never caught my attention as I've never heard anything good about it, and BioWare did do a brilliant job in capturing the Star Wars setting with KOTOR. I remember playing it, thinking it was immeasurably better than the new Star Wars movie(s) that were out at the time. So, they can do SW well, and it's a large enough setting for MMO playing, so why not.
I just hope they don't go all next-gen tech with it, but rather realise that lower system specs are good for a large MMO subscriber base.
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