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November 1st, 2007, 15:26
Originally Posted by Hedek View Post
On a side note, I wouldn't be so quick at blaming Obsidian Entertainment about Kotor2 not being that good… Lucas forced on them a very tight schedule.
Specifically, LA ordered the game pushed out to release early. They wanted the XBOX version out for Christmas, when both the PC and the XBOX releases were actually scheduled for release a couple of months later than that. So they had to basically get it done for release and couldn't really change the PC version even though they had the time.

As for getting excited about another SW MMO, I suspect it's because SWG is so poorly regarded, and there's definite potential in the SW licence for a good MMO. If ever there was a good MMO setting, it's Star Wars. It just has to be done right, that's all. And BioWare have proven that they can indeed do Star Wars.
The potential revenues are huge, too. With a setting the size of Star Wars, the expansion pack options are nearly limitless, and there's enough useable content to keep a full design team working on regular updates in addition to full expansion packs. It seems a solid business model.

Now, whether BioWare can do Star Wars well beyond a scripted, controlled, single-player game is the the kicker. Sure, they can script a good Star Wars single player story, but can they keep that Star Wars feeling throughout a sprawling MMO?
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