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November 1st, 2007, 16:54
Originally Posted by Gallifrey View Post
Now, whether BioWare can do Star Wars well beyond a scripted, controlled, single-player game is the the kicker. Sure, they can script a good Star Wars single player story, but can they keep that Star Wars feeling throughout a sprawling MMO?
Agreed, fully. I wouldn't mind something on the lines of Age of Conan where the first few levels are a single player game before it becomes a MMORPG. Imagine that, a true KOTOR III just like we're dreaming for and then once you've beat the story over and over and hoped you could have more of the same treat, you can enter a persistant world, revisit places from the single player game but in "free roaming" mode, engage in PvP against opposite side jedis. I know that would be really hard to imagine, write and implement, especially story wise but I am really excited about how the AoC single player game will be like and how well a mmorpg can blend with a single player game in general.
The singleplayer part of the MMORPG could serve as a filter to become jedi or not. You'd have to beat the singleplayer game in hardcore more to be a jedi in the mmorpg aspect, and the final battle in the singleplayer part would leave your jedi heavily weakened and the first levels in the mmorpg part would actually just be levels to put you back at the same level as other professions.
For those who haven't beat the singleplayer game in hardcore mode yet or don't want to bother can however jump directly in the mmorpg aspect as a scout, soldier, scoundrel, crafter or whatever non-jedi profession they can think of.
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