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November 1st, 2007, 16:28
Originally Posted by Gig View Post
I am a beta tester and I'm telling you outright that the negativity that was expressed to you was not typical of the feelings expressed by the beta community. You can't give warnings, you have no experience.
Sorry but unlike my "sources" I dont know you so I definetly trust them more. And as far as mmog goes theres nothing wrong in putting out som warning considering how often they end up as costly failures in both time and money. You are free to ignore it of course but you have no right to moderate peoples opinnions if they dont agree with you.

Originally Posted by Gig View Post
Everything you think you know is stuff you've heard from third party sources, that's the same as knowing nothing.This is irrelevant.
Third party sources Ive known for years and learned to trust, because more than often they are right.

The design is the same in all RPGs SP or otherwise.
Yes and there is nothing wrong in comparing RPGs especially if they are of the same setting even (scifi with weapons + alien invasion theme) so your point is moot.
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