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November 4th, 2006, 14:37
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Well I guess I owe everyone an appoligy since I actually kinda of agree with him, not on everything as I couldn't give a score since I have only completed the first Town/Tutorial.

In the short I think he was saying, he doesn't like it when a Dev gives you a paint by numbers and linear game, then adds in a bunch of stats/rules and calls it a great RPG, NWN 2 maybe great but I sure didn't personally feel it at the start as I did with other great RPGs like Gothic and Bloodines.

Carry on.
Give it some time man - dont you think its a bit naive to judge a game based on the tutorial?? Come on there. I wouldnt be surprised if the reviewer guy didnt even make it to Neverwinter city before posting his review.

This is definately one of those kinds of games that ramps up in terms of all the good stuff.. its actually pretty linear and simplistic until you get to NW city. Its possible the devs wanted to get people used to the game and so on… but it is about 8 hours or so at least of this kind of "low-impact" gaming. After that it starts to get alot more interesting and many more lenghty side quests start popping up. Also, the amount of choices you have and subsequent events becomes alot more dependent on what you do as well.. it has alot of branching paths.

Stay with it dude - its definately worth it.
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