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November 2nd, 2007, 07:42
If they go to the system that the free mmorpgs are using then I think that would be great since you get the game for free and choose to pay for extra stuff. If they make you pay then do microtransactions then they might aswell just declare backruptsy right now. With the free to play with microtransactions system you get to play a pretty good game for free and if you want you can put some real money into the game to help your pc out. I play several of those games and don't put one cent into them and I really like them.

PS. He forgot to mention the failure of Ultima 9 but they did that on purpose so they don't want to admit that.

PPS. I hope that they are not saying that companies shouldn't make single player games anymore and if that is what they mean it will be the end of Bioware.
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