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November 2nd, 2007, 20:40
danish review: http://www.gamereactor.dk/anmeldelse…ate%3A+London/


-Hack'n slash
-Big arsenal of weapons
-potentially a long lifespan

-full of bugs
-no variations in the enviorments
-badly optimized graphics engine
-boring bosses
The game is riddled with bugs (many reviews have mentioned this). Unless wanting a CE, the best option is most likely to delay the purchace until they manage to fix the game.

Other reviews:
A heads up on a non-gamer review in a free paper called the metro (distributed in London with big readership)

They gave it 4 out of 5 said it was great fun, good long term, praised its randomised elements highly
Heres a nice summary of problems & pros:
Crashgate: Lagdon by FFS

I want Hellgate to succeed. I think it *will* succeed. Just a couple months down the track. After having lost half of it's potential player base. Till then. my short list of why HGL was rushed and shouldn't be purchased.

#1 Client Stability: Doesn't exist. BSOD's, lockups and crashes make for a painful playing experience. Add to this two other problems.
- A: If any of these things happen to you while your turning in a quest (god forbid the main arc) you will be stuck. Unable to hand it in or abandon.
- B: As an Engineer every crash or level up can lead to your drone recreating. Losing all the stat's allocated and any equipment it was carrying. Making an Engineers main tool fairly hassle intensive.

#2 Sub Zeero sais FREEZE!: Some players get a near constant amount of freezing. Along the lines of a 1-2m lockup every 2-3m of play time. As you can imagine this is pretty crippling.

#3 Load times: For anything other than entering a level they are incredibly long. Logging in, choosing a character, taking a portal, going to an Underground Station can all take ages and lead into further crashes.

#4 Lack of variety: Sewers, Tunnels, City, Indoors, Hell. Five main tile sets with the occasional something extra. British museum, Tower of London etc. Compared with the variety offered by other games it just doesn't cut it.

#5 Missing functionality: Some of these are worse then others and I don't doubt I've missed more then a few.


- A: Mailbox.
- B: Auction House.
- C: Way to split items.
- D: Method of easy grouping.
- E: Fleshed out PvP.
- F: Singleplayer.
- G: Effective chat window.
- H: Key rebindings.
- I: UI mixing.

My final statement would be that Hellgate is mainly missing what World of Warcraft has. What HGL has that WoW doesn't though is an exciting and genuinely fun game. If only they had taken the time to polish things instead of shipping a beta and trying to convince us it was a retail.

Fix the stability and it might be a $20 game. Fix the rest and it's a $50.

Eurogamer gave HGL a 7/10 saying.

Hellgate: London is filled with gorgeous artwork and dripping with atmosphere; it's got a delicious sense of humour and finely tuned combat systems that will be keeping action RPG nuts happy for a long time. Despite this, we've got vast reservations about key aspects of the game; the randomly generated levels feel increasingly hollow, pointless and gimmicky as you progress, the user interface is clunky in some important areas, and there are clearly some hefty bugs here that need patching.

I don't know about you but I think a game should be judged on how good it is at the time not how good it can become. No one disputes that potentially Hellgate could be amazing.

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