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November 4th, 2007, 05:08
It took me four tries to kill it. On the fourth I walked past it when it was far to the left and grabbed the rune on the pedastal, after that I could transform into a wereworlf and had no problem killing it.

I'm impressed with the game so far. The game has a ciper puzzle in it that is quite original. I never thought I was going to figure one out until I went online to find a way to crack the ciphers. It took me about twenty minutes after I knew what letters to look for. I haven't had a game challlenge my intellect like this one has in a very long time. The riddle treasure chests are reminiscient of Betrayal at Krondor. Some are quite difficult but at least they are challenging. One riddle that I still haven't figured is how the realms of judges and the realms of admirals bring men and women closer together

The NPC dialog was confusing at first but once you figure out that the NPCs are not just there to give quests, then it starts to make sense. You talk to them about what they want to talk about and the more you learn about the history of the NPCs the more you can talk about. For example there are three sisters in the tunnels. One of them has died. You won't start to understand why they are there until you talk to all three, including the spirit of the dead sister. A little hint just like in the games of the past it helps a lot if you have a pen and paper next to you to write down topics to talk about and some of the names can be confusing. I recommend reading the whole manual it helped with my first battle and when talking to the NPCs.

Unlike most games all the monsters don't attack you. Sometimes they will sometimes they won't. They are just chillin in the tunnels and I guess if they are hungry or really cranky then they'll take a whack at you. The ones that don't attack you can talk to, but their language isn't english. I'm not sure if you will understand them later or that they don't really have anything to say and it's just giberish. I did figure out that "Vale" means bye but as for anything else they say it's giberish.

The combat system is nice once you make it past that first spider. Even if you're playing a fighter character you MUST summon familiars into battle. I think the battles are scaled also. I'm a fourth level sorcerer and I now have more monsters showing up in the battles than I did when I was third or second level.

The magic system is great. Some of the spells are your normal "hold person" or "poison" but some of them are orginal. The doom spell that will kill a monster in a certain amount of turns is very original. Also if you don't use any armor and go "skyclad" your spells work more often. The only drawback is that you will get knocked around if someone attacks you. You also have sigils that you use to summon familiars. Some of the familiars will have their own spells and their own sigils that they can use to summon their own familiars. So even if you only have two sigils you could end up with eight familiars on the battlefield. Your familiars are allowed to summon three familiars. Normally the familiar's summons are much weaker than yours but they help a lot in the bigger battles. The combat AI is good. I've found a couple of problems that future patches should address. Like if an archer monster gets cornered it will just turn around in circles trying to get away instead of just fighting back. Spell casting monsters seem to intelligently use their spells. I had one first silence me and then cast a doom spell on me. The AI could use some tweaking but future patches will take care of this problem.

The only thing about the game that really annoys me is that I'm unable to run. Some of the passages in the tunnels are very long and if I'm backtracking to a bed to rest up, it takes a bit of time or if I die I start out with half my HP near the entrance of the current map and it takes a bit of walking to get back to where I was. I'm hoping that this also will be fixed in future patches because it is my only real gripe with the game.

If you're at all interested in the folklore and myths of Europe this is a great game to get. The only other game that even comes close to going into the history of "Fey" creatures would be Nethergate. A word of warning this is a mature game and if that freaks you out then don't even install it, it will just upset you. The graphics are good for an indie company but if your only looking for "Oblivion" style graphics then you should also avoid this game.

I don't know how far I'm into the game but the farther into the tunnels I go the more I learn about what is going on there. It's a refreshing change from the usual Fedex quests and the kill the bad guy and come back quests. Everything seems to have a reason for being there and there are no real ultimate evil bad guys to kill.

Sorry about the long post That's about it for the summary. If you have patience and are sick to death of the normal diablo style games where you are just there to kill hordes of enemies then you should give this game a try. I registered the game without any problems. The game does have a few bugs in it and I've had a couple of CTDs during NPC conversations, but other than that it seems stable at least for a ver 1.0.
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