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November 4th, 2007, 07:35
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
It's not that it was too hard but that it wouldn't die at all even though it was near death. I got it near death in a couple of hits but every hit after didn't do anything and I died. It might be a bug with the melee system only and it seems as if they were more focused on the magic part anyway because what I have seen so far.
The first battle is too hard. The spider first whacks you with poison and your HP are so low that only a couple of turns and your dead. You can avoid the spider and grab the rune but the rune is different evertime you make a new character and you might end up with one that you can't use. My only other advice would be to set the combat to easy for that battle and bump it back up to normal once you killed it. Also you can avoid it by going left and then talk to the sister that is on the path, she will normally have some weapons you could buy. If your low on money and can't afford any weapons then keep heading down that path until you come to a ruin. There is another spider there but not nearly as hard as the first one, but the main thing is that there is a sigil that will summon a centauress in battle on the altar. After you have that sigil the spiders are no problem

For the problem with the spider being low on HP and not dying. Put your cursor over the monster and push X. That will give you a detailed view of exactly how many HP it has and its overall stats.

I hope the post helps anyone who is interested in the game. I forgot to mention the save game is a bit odd. You never really save a game it saves it for you. There is a load button on the main screen that has a lot of slots to put savegames into but the game always saves it to the first slot. The manual says if you push F9 you save the game and it seems to work but it doesn't really matter anyways since the game saves your character every few seconds. I hope this also will be addressed in future patches because I would like to be able to use those different slots.

Also when registering please do email a congressman, even if your not an american. It's a small price to pay for being able to register.

Dhruin, I know The Witcher just came out so a lot of people are playing that right now and thanks for posting the info about the game. I would of never of known about it if I hadn't of read the news article about how you could register for free if you emailed your congressman.
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