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November 4th, 2007, 10:51
Just finished the demo (two levels of the dungeon) and the slow exploration is killing the game for me at the moment. Long walks through long nondescript uninteresting corridors, and all the way from the start of the level again when you die or retreat. I wonder if the game would have worked better as a step-based eye-of-the-beholder type deal?

Plus all their high-minded talk outside the game seems to boil down to what is a first person rogue-like with lots of randomly naked fantasy ladies. Which, being a bloke, I can't say I mind, but does this aspect of the game expand when you get beyond the demo? What about the variety of the environments?

But in general I admit it was slightly addicting clearing the levels, and the combat, and hunting for sigils and ingredients. Also didn't mind the singing aspect, even though it was a bit hit and miss.

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