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November 4th, 2007, 19:38
Been a little farther into the tunnels. I haven't run across any other NPCs other than the three sisters. Its a shame there isn't more people to talk to, it would help a lot. I did have a very interesting conversation with one of the sisters Let's just say the conversation switched really fast. I went from talking about the vakalja and their dead sister to talking about different sexual positions in the space of a heartbeat. It got raunchy really quick. Not that I minded but I thought I was talking about their dead sister and that all of a sudden made her really hot lol.

I have seen more bugs with the combat system. I have on average four monsters attacking me. Invairably one of these monster will not attack me or my familiars. I think it is looking for a path but just can't find one. This has happened on more than one occasion. Also I have a spiderlady familiar who can then summon spiderlings. The first two spiderlings will be invisable but once I cast the third spiderling summon spell, then they will all show up on the battlefield.

The AI seems to use intelligently planned out spells against my guys. Like the monster spellcasters will silence only myself or my familiars who can cast spells. The monsters never cast silence on my noncasting familiars like the minotaur. They save poison or other attack spells for them. If one of my characters gets too close it will run away then cast another spell. So far so good. I'll keep looking to see if I see any flaws with their attack pattern but like I said before so far so good.

I really enjoy this game and to me it's not just "Nethack with Boobies." Yes, it is a nice dungeon crawl and yes it is very mature and sexual, but it's not just a porn game disguised as a RPG in my opinion. (The big penis on my satry is a bit funny though) The puzzles within the game are very difficult. The cipher ones espcially, but since I enjoy puzzles it is a plus in my mind and with a bit of patience I can crack these ciphers and recieve a spell for my effort. The treasure chests on the other hand were at first a bit difficult but now the ones I run across I just don't have a clue as to what the answer is. Even searched online for similiar riddles but couldn't find any that were like the ones in the game. Here is another example if anyone knows the answer please help cause it's killing me. "Five items of an everday sort; but you will find them in a princes's court. What are we?" A word with 7 or 8 letters. Since they are optional I've been skipping those and sticking with the ciphers.

One thing I noticed when you leave one map and then come back to it, all items that were in planters or stools will reappear. It won't be the same items either. Sometimes you find bones in the planter and other times you'll find flowers. They are used for brewing potions. The same goes with the sisters. If there is a sister at the beginning part of your new map but you want to talk to the other sister, just leave and come back. The other sister might be there now or it might be the same sister or none at all. The only one that never changes is the spirit of the dead sister. You can only talk to her for a few moments before she disappears and its like she is reliving how she died. She thinks she is talking to the deamon.

The potion system is nice. Its pretty simple and complex at the same time. You get two ingrediants and a bottle. Put them on the wheel and if it is a potion, it will let you know what kind of potion it is at the bottom of the screen, if not take away one ingrediant and try again.

I'm able to equip my familiar with other items since I trained the Englightment skill. I can give them spells that I can't use like white magic spells. They show up in the familiars rune list when in battle. You can also equip them with items that give them bonuses like a bell that gives the familiar a 25% bonus against magic.

Like I said in my previous post, the only gripe I have is not being able to run. It really brings down the game when you have to walk through endless tunnels or backtrack to where you were when you died. If you leave the game and come back your character will be saved but you start out at the beginning of the map your on and you will have to walk all the way back to where you saved it. A run button would help a lot.

Well that's about it for now. I've progressed through 6 maps now and I'm up to level 5.
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