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November 4th, 2007, 20:00
Did 30 Days of Night last night

I thought it was a pretty fun movie, the girls were scared and grossed outta their wits tho. I guess my tolerance is growing because not even any of the jump parts got me. I think it was cool for a vampire flick, nothin I'd buy tho unless it was 5.00 bargain bin.

I think that overall it was a pretty cool movie as I said, but I think the vampires were a little overdone in their evil. What I mean was, pretty much every time you see them, they are "blaring evil": heads back, mouths open, roaring evil. It's just overkill. I know theyre trying to make them like "feral" and all that, but even pissed-off animals that are in combat mode (ears back, jaws open and menacing all around them) chill out after a few mins and wet their teeth again. They dont just walk around hissing and baring their teeth constantly. I'm exaggerating a little, they werent ALWAYS like that, it just seemed to me like they were too much tho, and it started looking corny.

Again, like I said, I know I'm jaded. It scared the girls, so it worked. It just left me saying "yeah yeah I know, youre so scawwy. Brush your teeth, will ya?"

Nice gore tho, and you gotta love when that big guy goes all apeshit on them with that huge tractor with the saw on front or whatever (forgive me I have no clue what that particular piece of equipment is called)
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