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November 4th, 2006, 21:07
space captain your proabably right and I did mention I would give more of a try
I thnk a great RPG is unmistakable, now not being finished or buggy is certianly a problem but if its great you can feel it in its core, whether its Tutorial or mid game.
Examples of this are Gothic, Bloodlines and System Shock 2 there are more but you get the picture.

You guys are proabably right about this review not being of a quality for a published and never should have been considered, but honestly I feel let down by the game.
The reason I was willing to buy it without waiting for reviews is the Coop and the other reason is the same I bought Oblivion the Editor because those are worth supporting.

I hope the game gets better but honestly with games like Gothic around this is only good not great.

The camera will not lock, at least for me even after using settings offered in the NWN2 forum, the crappy camera AI either spins the long way around or just half turns.
Maybe its just a bug but it is extrememly annoying to constantly babysit this crap, it certinaly takes a certian amount of fun potintal out of the game.

Look I want to like it, I reallly do.
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