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November 5th, 2007, 13:32
The developers chose to label their project an action RPG. Possibly this was for marking reasons, or perhaps earlier in development it really was more 'aRPGish', or it's even possible that The Witcher fits their individual definition of aRPG.

I'd love to know the origins of the term "action RPG" as the games media seem to believe Blizzard's simplified Rogue clone Diablo is the granddaddy of the 'genre' despite the fact it's not the first realtime RPG by a long shot nor do Blizzard label it so. There's not one mention of the terms "roleplaying" or "RPG" in the Diablo manual.

It obviously not a very helpful categorisation as The Witcher has little in common with Diablo, Rogue, Titan Quest, Nethack, et al. A turn-based board game like Hero Quest has more in common with Diablo.
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