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November 6th, 2007, 13:14
Originally Posted by Crolug View Post
Where are the reviews that talk about RPGs compared to the classics, Fallouts, Torment, Baldur 2? How many decent games where thrown away on garbage 'because they're not Oblivion'?
They're on GameBanshee, here, and the Codex.

Thing is, the readership of mainstream game sites is pretty young. Many of them couldn't even read when the Fallouts, Torment, and BG2 came out. If you're writing for them, it's better to pick a more contemporary point of comparison.

And, like it or not, Oblivion did sell very well. That makes it a benchmark for cRPG's much like Half-Life 2 is for FPS's. Especially if the cRPG shares obvious traits with it -- such as the third-person perspective and real-time combat.
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