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November 9th, 2007, 05:48
if you're in the mood for thirteens i would recommend thirteenth floor. it came out before the matrix i think, though i might be remembering wrong.

actually without getting into a philosophical political discussion, seeing that indy clip in studio promos recently has made me almost upset with it. he has the honour to fight demon worshipers and nazis hand to hand, but when there is a turban wearing arab there is somehow a convienient excuse to just gun the guy down. sometimes laziness can still be a racial insult even if there was no intention in its action. like i said it may be reading a bit into it to much, but that moment in the movie is for me at least soiled. good thing the rest of the movie is a gem. personally my favourite work of lucas's is willow--probably my favourite fantasy movie ever made.

watched the first ~15 minutes (opening scene) of 28 weeks later last weekend and left the room. i enjoyed 28 days later immensely dispite being turned off by the last quarter of it. this movie however was horrible. came back in a bit later and my s.o. finally had enough with it as well. she recounted what happened and i was glad i hadn't continued. i like horror, but i prefer mine to be either non-human "bad guys" or "camp style" rather than shaking camera and ultra grotesque like the majority of modern horror ala saw 1 thru 500. i hate sufferening and i don't like movie that push that voyeristic button.

on a good note i saw a trailer for sunshine which is being directed by danny boyle, director of 28 days later, and that looks pretty awesome. i'm much more forgiving with space movies, even though many i've watched leave something to be desired they still entertain. we don't get treated to to many "stylistic" rather than formulaic space sci-fi movies but i'm hoping this is one of them.
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