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November 9th, 2007, 08:01
Ah, 13th Floor was great. It was based on a book b Daniel F. Galouye, and it had this ONE chilling scene which had me cry out in disbelief (woke up hubby… I watched this one at 6 in the morning when working out).

The best thing about 13 Ghosts (the remake of a 3D picture IIRC) was the special about the ghosts on the DVD. My favorite ghost was the Jackal. The movie itself was nothing special, though, and had an atmosphere similar to that of Haunted Hill. The latter had Geoffrey Rush as a Vincent Price carbon copy (playing VPs role in the original movie) which was good… otherwise it was pretty mediocre IMO.

The last flick I saw and really enjoyed was the horrible, horrible, produced-for-TV SS Doomtrooper. The title! The script! The bad CGI!
For me, every Wolfenstein ripoff is a must see, and I love cheap, badly made Z-class movies. I found myself both laughing out loud and scratching my head more than just once. Bad, bad, BAD script consisting of bad, bad BAD one-liners exclusively.
SS Doomtroopers is definitely on a par with Shockwaves, the 70's SS Zombie movie starring Peter Cushing.
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