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November 9th, 2007, 23:28
Originally Posted by Crolug View Post
I admit that during my college years I was playing Diablo II heavily. Those were the days. During last summer I tried Titan Quest and boy, I even managed to finish the damn thing. And I realized that hack'n'slash are not for me anymore. Just like FPS. Looks like I am getting mature at last . No, not old, you bastards! Anyway, I canceled my pre-orders for Hellgate and Crysis, played both demos recently just to see if it was a smart move. It was. No hurt feelings at all. Luckily I didn't cancel my The Witcher pre-order accidentally so am having a very good time at nights now .
Same for me except I'm perhaps a bit older and it was Diablo 1. Played that game for hours and hours… until I realized it was totally pointless. After this I discovered a game named Baldur's Gate… and my years of Diabloish games were over. Havent even tried Diablo 2.
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