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November 10th, 2007, 04:30
RPG Codex has a great interview with Alan Miranda and Luke Scull about Ossian's Mysteries of Westgate premium mod for NWN2:
5) The setting is, basically, a metropolis, which is a bold and brave choice. Why the urban setting? How do you keep it interesting for the mass market? How big is it?

Luke: We chose an urban setting because at the time we began planning the game, there was a distinct lack of them around. While the OC had Neverwinter, it was more like a shell than a fleshed-out city.

We felt that the team of excellent writers we assembled would be eminently suited to writing a complex, intrigue-laden story in a city environment and we wanted to choose somewhere shady enough so that we could allow characters of all classes and alignments to express themselves. Westgate fitted the bill.

How do we keep it interesting for the mass market? Iím not 100% sure what this question means, but our market is the existing NWN2 fan base, which we have a lot of experience with. The game opens with a bang and thereís never a shortage of things to do from the moment the player steps foot into the city.

The city is divided into four large districts, each of which is very distinct and packed with quests and encounters. The player also gets to travel outside the city on a few occasions. Thereís a good 15 hours of gameplay there in any one playthrough.
More information.
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