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November 13th, 2007, 17:23
Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon View Post
Actually it was at 1UP and destructoid. Sometimes I get too much spare time in my hands and I like surfing the net a lot, those two sites I visit regularly. I rarely visit Gamespot though, I usually use Gamefaqs when I want to read their boards, much faster and ad-free. So I would kindly suggest that you don't assume too much, you'll be prone to false conclusions, both here and in real life.
My bad then. Maybe I am the one reading too much gamespot, though your wording read almost like a direct quote-ing of several of their recent articles. Nevermind anyway.

Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon
Where did I say that? Please reread my post.
What did you mean by "the last game by independent Bioware" then? . While I personally don't hold Bioware in high regard, it sounds like feel like the supposed quality of their titles will drop since they've sold their a*ses to EA (not that I find this fact alone surprising. Bio's been selling its a*s as a game company for some time to whoever is buying in my view), as EA will probably try to interfere with development.
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